Shymkent : Yesterday and Today 

Where East and West meet

Life is given once and live it necessary in Shymkent - as noted during one of his visits to South Kazakhstan region - President Nursultan Nazarbayev .
And we , Shymkent people, proud of it!


Shymkent - 2200 years old.
This is, perhaps, the oldest city in Kazakhstan and one of the oldest in Central Asia. In the extant written sources for the first time about our city mentioned central asian historian Sharaf al-Din Ali Yazdi in 1425 in "The Book of victories " in the description of the military campaigns of Timur.
In 2014 in Shymkent , passed an international conference devoted to the age of the city. It was attended by authoritative historians and archaeologists of the world which recognized : found during the excavation of artifacts suggest that the Shymkent originated more than two thousand years ago .
While the authorities are waiting for the approval of Shymkent  request of the National Commission . If that happens , then already in 2016 this question was considered by the General Conference of UNESCO in 2016.


In numbers & Facts 
In the history of our city there are many laudable pages. Did you know that the first Central Asian pharmaceutical company - lead plant was appeared in Shymkent ? Or that during World War II on our lead plant cast every second shot and it accounted for 70 per cent of lead produced in the USSR? And the fact that seven of Shymkents were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union? But that is not all.
In the center of Shymkent from underground water sources , which are opened numerous springs near the railway station , originates the river Koshkarata . It has a special cultural and historical significance . It is situated on the Silk Road in ancient times it was of great importance for the procession of caravans .
Also deserves attention is the fact that the current national anthem of Kazakhstan was written in an old building of  Shymkent’s Shamshi Kaldayakov Philharmonic in 1956 .
In general , our city is very rich in cultural achievements . For example, we have set the highest monument in the country - Baidibek -bi ( its height - 10 m . , and in view of the mound and the pedestal - 23 m . ) and the only one in Kazakhstan Triumphal Arch in Independence Park.
Another achievement in 2011, the International Assembly of Capitals and Big Cities ( MAG ) has recognized Shymkent the best city among the CIS.
Shymkent’s people also proud the Glory Memorial in the park Abay . It is a majestic monument to those who were killed in the war . Its walls are carved the names of about 140 thousand soldiers who did not return from the front.
Separate conversation deserve the arboretum and zoo. For biologists and zoologists – it is a real dream! Arboretum , founded 30 years ago , today for the citizens has a particular importance , it is the only in the city full park. It covers 117 hectares , in addition to conventional plants in the arboretum can be seen quite unique to our latitude trees and shrubs .
And Shymkent Zoo , one of three in Kazakhstan , pleases residents and visitors local and exotic animals and birds , 20 species of which are listed in the Red Book.
Since ancient times, Shymkent has  the glory of city- garden . By the number of parks and squares of our city - in the lead . Central Park , Abai’s park , Victory’s park , Independence park , " Fantasy World " and a lot of green parks and cozy alleys have become the hallmark of the regional center.

Breathing metropolis.
Modern Shymkent - it is the third largest city in Kazakhstan and one of the developed agglomeration centers. This is one of the leading industrial and economic centers of Kazakhstan ( the city has about 70 industrial enterprises of ferrous metallurgy, machine-building, chemical, petrochemical and food industries )
In Shymkent, act an international airport , railway station and several bus stations.
In the northern part of the city has a new administrative and business center with high-rise residential complexes , modern social facilities and shopping buildings.
Here is the akimat of South Kazakhstan region , the Palace of celebrations "Turkestan" , a multidisciplinary library" Otyrar ", exhibition center , the Kazakh Drama Theater named Zh.Shanina. ADC has become a new page in the history of the city, meeting all the attributes of the third largest city in the country.
Oh yeah , forgot about RIXOS! Now the five-star hotel of international premium brand appeared in our country, welcoming guests from around the world .

P.S. Welcome to Shymkent ! In the city where contrary to the opinion of Rudyard Kipling , East and West meet , where the spirit of thousands of years of ancient harmoniously intertwined with breathing megalopolis. In the city , where you want to go back ...









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