100 specialists of Shymkent and Turkestan region have completed training by technical regulation


The branch office of RSE “KazInSt” in Turkestan region and Shymkent held a training session on the training and professional development of employees in the field of technical regulation, metrology and management systems from September 3d through September 5th, in Shymkent.


This year 100 specialists have come to improve and raise their professional competence level in the field of technical regulation, metrology and management systems, including representatives of state bodies, conformity assessment bodies, testing and calibration laboratories, educational institutions, as well as enterprises and organizations of Shymkent and Turkestan region.


The training session was opened by B.A. Eskaraev and Zh.Z. Mankaraev, the heads of the Department of Technical Regulation and Metrology Committee in Shymkent and Turkestan region, B.A. Kaldybekov, Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Industrial and Innovative Development of Shymkent and Beiseev S.A., Director of the branch office of the RSE "KazInSt"



During the course of training session, trainees have been presented with information about the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Standardization”, as well as lecture materials on the legal framework of technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Community, standardization systems in the EAEU and the Republic of Kazakhstan, innovations in the legislation in the field of metrology, new approaches in the field of certification of systems management, specifics of application of the EAEU technical regulations “On the safety of packaged drinking water, including natural mineral water” (TR EAEU 044/2017), EAEU “On the safety chemical products ”(EAEU TR 041/2017) and EAEU “On the requirements for mineral fertilizers ”(EAEU039 / 2016 TR).


Lectures were given by S.Sh. Kurmangaliev, assessment auditor for the Conformity assessment body and testing laboratory, G. Yashkina - Deputy Head of the Department for Technical Regulation and Metrology in Nur - Sultan, S.A. Beiseev, Director of the branch office of RSE "KazInSt", S.K. Bibilaeva, Leading Specialist of the Department for Confirmation of Products and Services Conformity of the South Kazakhstan Branch office of JSC "National Center of Expertise and Certification", E.O.Aimbetova, Head of the Department of Chemical Product Safety, RSE "National Center for the Integrated Processing of Mineral Raw Materials of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and G.A. Zhanabaeva, Head of laboratory of physical and chemical measurement, qualification – based training and science of  South Kazakhstan branch office of RSE “KazInMetr”.


The trainees were very interested in issues related to the application of international, regional, foreign standards, as well as the national standardization system and the competence of the National Standardization Body.



«Holding of regional (industry) workshops on the implementation of management systems in enterprises» in 2019



«Workshops on training and advanced training of personnel in the field of technical regulation, metrology and management systems» for 2019










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