Clean city

Preservation of cleanliness in the city - the total debt!



Appeal to the residents of the city

Dear citizens!

    As is known, the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev named Shymkent, our beautiful city with the ancient history, the third largest in Kazakhstan. The Head of State expressed confidence that the city, with the population approaching the million mark in the future will become even more beautiful and better. To justify this high level of confidence implemented a lot of projects in the city.

    In recent years, the regional center was decorated with modern architecture, historical and cultural attractions. New high-rise buildings, social facilities, beautiful flower gardens and recreation areas have become the pride of Shymkent residents and popular place to visit. Of course, the modern civilized city can not be imagined without the glittering of the lighting, and above all, without cleanliness of streets and avenues. Also, work is being done in the city to improve the ecological status of the regional center and the creation of green zones.

     At present, the area of the regional center increased, and increased the number of people. At the same time has expanded the range of tasks on improvement of the city. It is a reason to really take care of our common home, keep it nice and cozy. It will be possible clean up each city district and the yard if every citizen imbued with a sense of responsibility and care about their native city, will take an active part in the cleaning days! We invite members of the public and NGOs to promote the effectiveness of Cleaning days which held for the benefit of cleanliness and order.

Cleanliness - is the key to environmental protection. We announce the beginning of the event "Clean City!" and invite to participate all the citizens, hometown patriots.

      We do not stay away from such a good cause and will take an active part in cleaning the yards and streets, planting trees!

      The results of the action will be brought to the City Day. The winners of the nominations "Exemplary yard", " Exemplary street" will receive the letters of appreciation and valuable gifts.

      Dear Shymkent residents! Let’s make every effort to make our beautiful city even cleaner and more comfortable and will confirm the honorable status of the third-largest city of Kazakhstan!

Akimat of Shymkent                            Association "Civil Alliance of SKO"










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Clean city