Shymkent mayor Yerlan Aytakhanov made a working detour of the Bazarkakpa, Karabastau and Koksai-2, Koksai-3 residential districts. The trip was organized in order to implement the Head of State’s order on the development of the outskirts. The district mayor G. Ilyasov reported to the head of the metropolis on infrastructure development problems in 16 settlements joined to the Enbekshy district.


Then Yerlan Aytakhanov met with residents of the villages and discussed problematic issues with them. They concerned the repair of sewer networks, the restoration of a bridge over the Sairam su river, the construction of a bridge over the Badam river, the registration of legal documents for private buildings, and the lack of social facilities. Also, residents are concerned about the shortage of high-quality electricity, drinking water and gas.


"41 settlements were joined to Shymkent. In many of them, residents still have problems with water, gas, lighting, and roads. Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev at the Nur Otan party congress instructed the Government to build housing and roads in the countryside, to conduct communications. These works should be carried out in all settlements joined to the metropolis. We will gradually solve the problems that have accumulated over many years, "-said Yerlan Aytakhanov.


He instructed the district mayor and competent specialists to develop an action plan for infrastructure development.